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    Develop soft skills in creative new ways
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    Create custom Personal Development Plans step by step!
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    Use innovative techniques to develop soft skills in the workplace!
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    Motivate and empower learners to get involved in their personal development!
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    Share knowledge and experience and interact with colleagues, supervisors and HR consultants!

Our Approach

A fun, hands-on approach that empowers you to apply what you have learned!

The HR ROAD e-learning program includes:

  • Creating your very own Personal Development Plans for specific
  • Your very own e-learning space where you can take control of your learning process by: customizing your own learning activities, journaling your thoughts and reflections, assessing your learning progress through regular reports
  • Dashboard with follow-up and feedback features and automatic email reminders

HR ROAD - Learn creatively and innovatively for lasting results


Personalized Development Plan

HR ROAD enables students to create a Personalized Development Plan (PDP) from a wide array of personal development tools and activities (100-300 activities available for each of the 53 soft skills in the HR ROAD listing); they are divided into the four following components:

  • Action Learning



  • Electronic Reference Materials



    Online Articles
  • Books

  • E-learning & Webcasts

    Online Training Courses

Action Learning

Action Learning is a powerful method for learning soft skills because it is an effective way to ensure you can apply what you have learned.



  • Yourself
  • Others
  • Surroundings



  • Debate
  • Reflections
  • Interactions


  • Strategies and tools
  • Training and expirements
  • Concrete actions

Specify an action to better experiment

We contextualize learning within our environment by specifying an learning activity in retained action of our development plan. We make this learning more real and facilitate reflection on the results. This favors integration of knowledge.

Knowledge is acquired through experience, everything else is just information

Albert Einstein
Pyramide Apprentissage

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In a work environment constantly changing where issues are often not predictable, action learning permits reaction and learning at the same time. Concretely, the person uses their work environment to put into application their new notions in order to favor integration of new knowledge. Experimentation combined with reflection and analysis of the impact on oneself, creates a way to rapid development of competencies.

Efficiency of learning depends on the implication of the learner: the more they are active and participate in their learning, the more they retain.

A selection of concrete activities that are organized in three larger themes encourages the learner to live their development through action.



Thinking without writing anything down is like speaking before thinking

An anonymous philosopher

The Webfolio, a pillar of the HR ROAD approach, has the objective of supporting the learner's reflection associated with knowledge development and experience.

Reflections, notes, and documents consolidated in the webfolio act as a catalyst for integration of newly acquired knowledge.

Available without a time limit, the webfolio can become a great virtual reference containing your favourite tricks, heuristics, links, and notes that help put into practice newly developed skills.

Considering the HR Road approach puts reflection as a premise for the integration of knowledge, we offer a virtual learning space that is private and secure for structured development within the webfolio. The webfolio also provides the following functionality:

Paper Clip

Consolidate reflections and information continuously

We can write down and conserve notes, observations, reflections or other comments in a personal space and organize information according to associated categories of a ressource within our development plan. This notebook permits keepings a trace of our learnings and facilitate analyzing our reflections.

Paper Clip

Periodically complete Personal Progress Self-Assessment

This tool forces conscious progress during development. The learner is brought periodically (30 to 90 days) to reflect on their development and witness their completed goals, difficulties and progress in comparison with their initial goals.

Paper Clip

Create a list of references for future consultation

We can create, as time goes on, a repository of virtual information that serves as a memory aide which is associated with a competence that we can refer to as needed.

Paper Clip

Extract help from consolidated information from the report generator

As a secure platform, the report generator permits extraction and sharing of information.

Paper Clip

Committing to a contract of development that proves motivation and engagement

In the beginning, the learner is brought to complete reflections on their motivation, expectations, constraints, and help available that will help them complete the steps of their development. They must also reflect on the strategies that will permit them to successfully complete their development objectives.

The HR ROAD Compass

The Compass is intended to help learners identify their personal development needs and enable them to do a self-assessment within a particular group of soft skills.

The HR Road Compass will display the learner's results in a graph to show their level of soft skill proficiency from the strongest to the weakest. These results can be used as a guide to help the learner establish their personal development priorities. It is quick and easy to use and provides tangible results in a few easy steps:

  1. First select the learner's soft skills (from 5 to 53), which will be used map out their soft skill strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Then purchase access codes online and they will automatically be sent to your client with all the necessary instructions for activation.
  3. The learner does the self-assessment, which will evaluate their level of mastery of each soft skill on the basis of 6 associated key behaviours (6 key behaviours will randomly be presented in relation to each soft skill).
  4. The client will get a report sent by email that shows which soft skills are their strongest and which need the most work.
  5. The counsellor will first analyze the results of the report and then meet the client to discuss it with them and then assist them in selecting one or more soft skills to be developed.
  6. The learner will create their own Personal Development Plan using the HR ROAD system.
  7. Finally, the learner will work through their personal development program to completion.

The Bridge

The bridge is an interface that permits consultants, learners and managers to communicate between each other and maintain a history of their conversations within HR Road.

It also permits everyone to assign tasks, with or without a due date, and take notes that will be saved.

The consultants and managers can assign tasks to a learner and write down related notes. Notes will be saved with the learner in question. The consultants can also assign tasks and attach notes to a manager who has been created in their interface.

This diagram summarizes the functions offered by the bridge to each user of the HR Road platform.
Système Passerelle

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The advantages of the HR ROAD program

  • Provides a structured and well-organized personal development program
  • Optimizes the effectiveness of coaching sessions
  • Empowers and involves student in the learning process
  • WebFolio and activities available 24-7
  • Provides student progress reports
  • Low-cost activities